Weekly song contest - Week 4 WINNER!

Simple but great, you will have that voice saying gettin' started in your head all day plus it has a really cool bass line and tight drums! It's an awesome song!

Be sure to check it out!

About us

Why are we doing this?

We started this in order to help every musician struggling to get heard. Those who are getting scammed or forced to pay to be heard. We want this to be as free as possible so you all can have a chance.

What are we going to offer?

As a start we will try to make song contests, giveaways, promotion, feedback and as time goes by we will be adding more stuff.

We will not let you down!

Many website owners or reposts pages creators are not even musicians, that's what makes us different. We are all underground musicians trying to make people happy with our music, and now, trying to make other musicians happy by helping them!

Artist of the month

CyTreXX is an insane artist we met through atom collector records. His music takes you to a different world, great quality and awesome production on each track. He has always been very supportive and friendly which, along with his great talent, makes him a great artist!